Christmas for the Olight Collector

Christmas for the Olight Collector

Christmas for the Olight CollectorIt gets tricky with collectors, supply, demand, usage, availably, so many thing take effect and change the perceived value. Did you see my wording? Do any of these have a defined value once they are sold out and no longer available at MSRP from the manufacturer? Nope, it all comes down to the price you put for the Christmas for the Olight Collector.

I’ve gone through eBay and picked out a bunch of Olights that I think any collector would be happy to receive.

The Titanium Olight i5t EOS Ti

Purple Trio of S1R Baton II, S2R Baton II & i1R II

Orange Seeker Pro

Copper M2R WARRIOR Cu 2018 

 S MINI Raw Copper, Raw Brass, Polished Titanium

Lots of Blue Flashlights, No Balls here

Olight Warrior Minis Seasons

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Christmas for the Olight Collector

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