Pink I1R 2

Best Pricing on Pink Olight I1R 2 Limited Edition

The Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Olight I1R 2 Limited Edition will be on sale October 15 2020 at 8pm and sale ends October 16 2020 at 1159pm. The retail price for a I1R 2 is $19.95 and during this sale just $14.95!

Now, free shipping doesn’t kick in until $49 which will require you to purchase 4. If you are new user, you are in luck, use our link and create a new account and receive $10 credit (pretty sure you can use towards your purchase too)!

The Math:  (4) I1R 2 * $14.95 = $59.80 – $10 (new user signup) = $49.80

Using our link will get you a few Pink Limited Edition I1R 2‘s for just $12.45 each! Nice for the stocking or for your personal collection.

Pink Olight I1R 2 Limited Edition


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