Olight Olantern Giveaway

Olight Olantern Giveaway

If you haven’t had a chance to buy one yet, head on over and join the Olight Olantern Giveaway

  • magnetic charging (one of my favorite Olight features by a long shot)
  • 300 lumens (interested to see how she runs)
  • two different LED modules (is it high and low?)
  • Three colors Basalt Grey , Wine Red& Moss Green

You have 7 Ways to Enter this giveaway, so head on over now!

Max 360-lumen output and max 80-hour runtime

Use the flaming module to decorate your blissful moments with beloved ones

A warm dinner or an adventure journey, Olantern is always there to witness your unforgettable time

You can only lose if you don/t enter, so Enter to win!

Olight Olantern Giveaway


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